LAN : Product overview

Nine Distribution Co., Ltd. (9D) is the official Importer & Distributor of CommScope.

Now, CommScope split into two models, “Netconnect” and “Systimax

– Systimax : Worldwide products, well-know in global. It’s the product solution for Data Center room, suitable for large scale project that need high-level stably and security, or project for international company

– NetConnect : also known as “AMP”: Worldwide products too. Can use in Mid-End to higher scale

LAN-Cable Management

- Brand

- Rack Units


Horizontal Cable Management Assembly, with badged logo, 1U

Tag : CommScope, 1


Horizontal Trough Kit, 2 RU, 19 in, single sided

Tag : CommScope, 2


Horizontal Trough Kit, 1 RU, 19 in, single sided

Tag : CommScope, 1

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