4 November 2020

Development of the Power Distribution Unit

To meet a wide range of applications, there are different types of PDUs.
29 September 2020

Intro To Fiber Optic Ep.03: Singlemode VS. Multimode

Difference between Singlemode and Multimode
17 September 2020

Intro to Fiber Optic Ep. 02: Simplex VS. Duplex

let's talk about “Simplex” and “Duplex” cables.
11 September 2020

Intro To Fiber Optic Ep. 01: Fiber Optic Connector

Learn about a fiber optic connector.
20 March 2018

LIMAZ RJ45 Modular Plug CAT 6

LIMAZ Modular Plug CAT6 Easy To Use With Plug Housing And Plug Insert
20 February 2018

LIMAZ CAT 6 Patch Cord

LIMAZ Patch Cord is 100% tested by all manufacturers.
20 January 2018

LIMAZ Wall Rack WCN Series

WCN is designed to be small, 6U, 9U, 12U, can be installed to the wall
20 December 2017

LIMAZ Fiber Optic Outdoor Armored Cable

LIMAZ FO. Cable for every installation Certified with TISI standards
20 November 2017

LIMAZ Reelex Standard

Reelex: Standard arrangement of signal cables inside the box. For more records
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