4 November 2020

Development of the Power Distribution Unit

To meet a wide range of applications, there are different types of PDUs.
29 September 2020

Intro To Fiber Optic Ep.03: Singlemode VS. Multimode

Difference between Singlemode and Multimode
17 September 2020

Intro to Fiber Optic Ep. 02: Simplex VS. Duplex

let's talk about “Simplex” and “Duplex” cables.
11 September 2020

Intro To Fiber Optic Ep. 01: Fiber Optic Connector

Learn about a fiber optic connector.
10 August 2020

Why MPO Solution ? by LIMAZ

Special price August
1 September 2019

Why MPO Solution ? by LIMAZ

Training with In Trend Technology "MPO Solution" including troubleshooting
15 July 2019

LIMAZ The Professional Partner Training 2019

Everyone uses LIMAZ ! Must arrange special round ++
5 July 2019

Thank You VIP : Spiderman Far From Home

Join the movie Spiderman Far From Home. First day !! Only for LIMAZ
1 June 2018

LIMAZ Training 2018

LIMAZ Training. Content is not tight. Selling. Focus on standards and installation
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