Development of the Power Distribution Unit

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29 September 2020

When it comes to Network and Datacenter systems, there is one device that is essential and indispensable, PDU (Power Distribution Unit), which, if you look on the surface, may not be different from a power strip used in a home. But if you look at the details Will find that there is a difference and is being developed for a wider range of applications as follows

Generation 1: Basic PDU

The PDU used in this category differs from the power strip used in the home. Is the electrical system that must be stable Because it must be used in a Rack Cabinet and support high electricity such as 2 Pole Circuit Breaker, Surge Protection, Outlet Type C13, C19.

Generation 2: Local Metered PDU

When operating in larger systems, System administrators also want to know the details of electricity such as Current, Voltage and Power, so in this Generation there will be a device that can be measured. Or can show various electrical values As well as being able to alert in the event of excessive usage For the benefit of management and suitable for adding equipment

Generation 3: Monitored PDU

In this generation it will be a development for large administrators. Who want to know the power consumption of each PDU, but with the large system it is inconvenient to look at each PDU, so the developer has designed the PDU to be connected to the Network (Switch) system via Port RJ45 And can also connect multiple PDUs (Daisy Chain) using just 1 IP

Generation 4: Switched PDU

This Generation will be the development of the 3rd generation that can view various PDU data through the network and connect to each other in a daisy chain and also add the ability of PDU to allow users to access and manage PDU in each port. Freely Both viewing the electrical usage status, able to open-close that Port through the Network

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