Intro To Fiber Optic Ep. 01: Fiber Optic Connector

Why MPO Solution ? by LIMAZ
10 August 2020
Intro to Fiber Optic Ep. 02: Simplex VS. Duplex
17 September 2020

People who are beginning to know Fiber Optic cables will be confused with the type of Connector with many types. This is different from a LAN cable that only has an RJ45 Connector.

We will classify the type of Fiber Optic Connector briefly.

ST Connector (Straight Tip or Bayonet Fiber Optic Connector) is a connector with a metal structure. It is commonly used in the early days of fiber optic network systems. Because it is easy to use And convenient, just plug the connector and twist the lock half round. (Similar to the use of BNC head in CCTV), but is currently not popular in use, because the use will have to put hands around the connector, causing a lot of space to work. Does not support an increase in the number of Fiber Optic in the future and with the structure of the Connector that looks like a single head Make it easy to plug in to use polarization as well.

FC connector (Ferrule Connector or Fiber Channel) is a connector with a metal core. By the way to plug in use as a spiral This makes it popular at Telecom, where connections are rarely changed. And has high connection stability But now it is used less and less as the ST Connector.

SC Connector (Subscriber Connector) it is square head. There is a plastic main structure with a Ferrule size of 2.5 mm. It is used in both Simplex and Duplex types. This Duplex type has a Clip Lock to hold the position of both connectors so that they are permanent, not alternate. No polarization problem, Simplex structure will be used with devices that support WDM system or FTTH work.

LC Connector (Lucent Connector) is the most popular connector today. With a very small size (About half the size of the SC Connector) to save space in work. And can support a lot of Fiber Optic in the future (Some products can be designed Patch Panel Fiber Optic to support the functionality of the LC Connector up to 144 Fiber with a height of just 1U) for plugging or removing, it is easy. Similar to the use of the Connector LAN (RJ45) that when plugged in and used immediately. And when you want to remove it, press it and pull it off, nowadays LC Connector is commonly used with both SFP (1.25 Gbps.) And SFP + (10 Gbps) Optical Module devices.

In the next episode, let’s get to know the words “Simplex” and “Duplex”. ?

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