LIMAZ CAT 6 Patch Cord

LIMAZ Wall Rack WCN Series
20 January 2018
LIMAZ RJ45 Modular Plug CAT 6
20 March 2018

The ultimate Patch Cord that is suitable for project requiring high performance. With the design of a Stranded Cable (copper core) and Flexible Boot, it provides high flexibility to support operations in tight spaces. And requires exceptionally good bending Designed and tested according to TIA / EIA 568C.2 and ISO / IEC 11801 standards and 100% tested by the manufacturer. Enable users to be able to select and use with confidence.

With a variety of products designed to support different works in terms of a wide range of 1, 2, 3 and 5 meters and the color of the various products are available in 5 colors, including blue, green, red , yellow and white for use in identifying or allocating different workgroups according to TIA-606-C standards.

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