LIMAZ Wall Rack WCN Series

LIMAZ Fiber Optic Outdoor Armored Cable
20 December 2017
LIMAZ CAT 6 Patch Cord
20 February 2018

LIMAZ Wall Rack is a Premium grade Rack that has been selected and developed to meet the needs of users. By designing the cabinet to be as small as 6, 9, 12U to support less usage and save installation space by designing to be able to be installed on the wall

The cabinet is split into 2 parts:

The backside: used to attach to the wall. With the right size, it is possible to use the common areas with the most efficiency.

Central: used to install equipment the middle and back parts can be opened separately for easy handling of the inner equipment with separate swing opening styles. With a special locking system Makes it possible to close the cabinet completely. The cabinet does not flow even if not locked with a key. And for confidence, there is a Master Key to lock between the middle and back.

For the installation of cables in the cabinet, LIMAZ has 4 cable channels, which are installed at the back and center of the cabinet. Supports cables from above and below. The pole is designed to have 4 columns and can be moved all the way. Adding a new dimension to the use of Wall Rack cabinets that can support a lot of equipment Because the test can support the weight of more than 60 Kg.

The front door uses Tempered Glass. It is a special glass that has both beauty and strength like the glass of a car. And able to open 180° and adjust the door to open from the left or right as appropriate for actual use. In the Wall Rack series, we set up a fan and the equipment tray are ready to be used the device tray is designed to have the edge to prevent the device from falling and punching holes. For the ability of cooling inside the cabinet and there are special beams on both the left and right for greater ability to support weight


1. Front door : Use Tempered Glass and can be opened 180 ° (can be opened both left and right)

2. Special locking system: central and back locking can be done without using keys and prevent the cabinet from flowing

3. 4 cable glands on the top and bottom

4. 4 device mounting columns, adjust the distance along the line

5. Tray : with a edge to prevent the device from falling Drill holes in the cabinet. With beams to support more weight

6. Side door : Easily open with sliding latches

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